Slide Catch Your Eyes The Best Business Development Weapon OEXPO Smart Exhibition Solution

Attract your customers' attention in only 3 seconds!

OEXPO was born for marketing and promotion.
Your customers can view products by AR. You can have real-time interaction with customers. One-stop service meets all your business needs.

Unable to visit customers because of the epidemic?
is exactly a tool that can solve your problem.

OEXPO's virtual booth is full of functions. Just like the reality, you can do business talks, exchange of electronic business cards, and so on. Beyond time and space limitation, OEXPO won't let you miss any business opportunity.

How do you win in a highly competitive market?
With , customers will stay in your booth 3 times longer than before.

3D immersive virtual booth experience. By utilizing AR technology, functions such as product experience and the communication with staff can be realized just like reality.

Could remote service satisfy your customers?
By using , you can provide good service without face-to-face interaction.

If you enter the world of OEXPO, just like the new style of virtual VIP room, you can relax and enjoy it.

Slide Benefits Interesting Interaction
The screens, signages, avatars and products are presented in 3D virtual. With just a click, users can enjoy lots of contents.
View Product by AR
AR mixes virtual and reality,
your products will truly meet your clients' eyes!
The Best BD Solution
Invite your client, talk to your client,
keep in touch with your client!
Available anytime, anywhere
Users need not to download the app. Want to see the product? It only takes you one step to open a website.

Make your products hot

By picking up the products you want to promote, the advertising effects will be significantly improved.

Enhance the promotion

By connecting OEXPO with your homepage and EDM, the promotion effects will be maximized.

Connect with SNS

OEXPO is able to do real-time chat by connecting with Line / WeChat / Skype.

Create a virtual booth easily

You just need to upload the content and then the virtual booth is set up. Even beginners can use it without any obstacle.

The amount of users using has exceeded 1 million.
Don’t hesitate anymore.
Use OEXPO to enhance your competitivness.


Amount of users using OEXPO


Amount of booths opened at OEXPO

Produced by potential unicorn OSENSE Technology

OSENSE TECHNOLOGY aims to support the business development of SMEs with our abundant experience of holding online exhibitions. We were selected by Japan’s financial magazine "Nikkei Business" as the “Looking for the next 10 years Google, 100 companies that changed the world ”, and we are the only Taiwanese company on the list.

Honored by many national awards

2021 Golden Ship Award
2020 “The 10 Coolest Taiwan Technological Innovations” led by Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology.
2020 “Business Startup Award” led by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Media News

CIO Taiwan

Seize the business opportunity in the time in COVID-19 OEXPO smart exhibition solution is popular now.

CTS News

Because of COVID-19, exhibition activities were stopped. Online virtual exhibtion becomes popular.


OEXPO online exhibition solution Become a 5G digital transformation accelerator
IS 752137
PM 752138

has passed ISO certification.
Keep your information security and privacy safe.

ISO 27001:2013、ISO 27701:2019


A:If you apply for a monthly subscription, with a monthly price from NTD$1667 ~, you can own an exclusive virtual booth for your company.(The price is depends on the type of subscription plan.) Please contact us for more information.
A:OEXPO has the function of real-time communication. Visitors can utilize the chat function in OEXPO or communication tool such as, Line/ WeChat/Skype which are connected to the OEXPO, to contact your person in charge of the booth instantly. Moreover, by downloading the digital business card, it can also help the further connection with visitors.
A:Of course. OEXPO supports HTML format. Only setting the link in the webpage, OEXPO will be integrated into your website.
A:It doesn’t need to put any effort to use OEXPO. We will provide the information about the formats of all contents. It only takes you five minutes to complete your virtual booth.
A:For now, OEXPO mainly services single company. If there are other requirements like the design of multiple virtual booths or the organization of professional exhibitions, please contact us for more information.
A:OEXPO can be used under the 4G/5G/Wi-Fi internet environment. But, the loading speed depends on the internet environment while using.



NT$ 1800 /月
  • NT$ 20000/年
  • 1 個虛擬攤位
  • 300MB 雲端空間
  • 標準攤位樣式
  • AR 看貨功能
  • 即時通訊功能


NT$ 3600 /月
  • NT$ 40000/年
  • 1 個虛擬攤位
  • 20GB 雲端空間
  • 自選攤位樣式
  • AR 看貨功能
  • 即時通訊功能


NT$ 5400 /月
  • NT$ 60000/年
    平均每攤 NT$1667/月
  • 3 個虛擬攤位
  • 120GB 雲端空間
  • 自選攤位樣式
  • AR 看貨功能
  • 即時通訊功能

We are now looking for OEXPO's distributors and partners.

The transformation of promotion method, from face-to-face to non-face-to-face, is an unavoidavle change in the time of COVID-19.
If you would like to sell are interested in OEXPO smart exhibition solution, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly.

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A:可以的!OEXPO 支援 HTML 網頁形式,只要設置超連結即可。

A:OEXPO 操作簡易,我們會提供您所有素材的規格,您只要上傳即可,五分鐘就能將櫃位佈置完成。

A:OEXPO 現階段主要服務單一企業,若有多櫃位廊道設計或專業展策展需求,請另洽

A:一般 4G/5G/Wi-Fi 網路環境都可以使用,但載入速度視當時網路環境而定。